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We produce OEKTEX Standard 100 Grade of Heat Resistant Elastic Thread and our plant is situated at 35 Km away from Bangalore, equipped with all imported manufacturing machineries and technology from Germany. We started making HRLT since 1998, and producing only quality thread, which can withstand its elasticity and strength more than 82% in boiling water for 22 hours. Specific gravity of our rubber thread is 0.96 to 0.98 and 1 to 1.5% higher than the specific gravity of natural latex i.e. 0.95. We use very nominal quantity of filler like Titanium dioxide etc. only for reinforcement of strength of the rubber thread. Though our market share is very nominal our customers are happy for using our rubber thread for making elastic.

Metrofil is a well established brand of the rubber thread produced by our company.